Growing Up Milton

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

First soccer practice....

Soccer practice finally came. All in all the kids had a blast! Morgan was very shy to start and seemed to isolate herself for about 15 or so minutes.(3rd pic down....Morgan cryin far away from everyone) But after that, she followed the coach around and was having so much fun. Malcolm took to it very well. He was introducing himself to kids even if they weren't lookin at him. I was soo happy to see them interacting with other kids so well. I was also impressed with the how well they handled kickin the ball. Man, they're growin up fast! Anyways, gotta go get em lunch. Will post more soon I hope. Till then ....PEACE!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Soccer is comin!!

I gotta say, I'm quite excited to see the kids play soccer. Their first practice is this Monday in the evening. Maybe this will drain some of their energy! :OP Anyways, took them outside today and practiced some kicking and stopping. They did surprizingly well! Morgan seems to want to be a power kicker and Malcolm likes to think. I hope they will like it. Guess we'll find out soon. :OP Till next post.....PEACE!!!!