Growing Up Milton

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

1st day of school done... ;OP

They had a blast!! Glad to see them so happy when they got off the bus. ;OP I missed them soooo much! Tomorrow is another day. lol Till next post....PEACE!!!

1st day of school 9/02/08

*sniff* I can't lie.....I really miss the little boogers. It's a little strange not having either of them by my side. Part of me is sad. Anyways, they were both excited this morning. Morgan is entering kindergarden and Malcolm the 1st grade. They grow so fast. Anyways, I have to get some work done for now but will post more pics later today( or tonight) I'm gonna take more pics when they got off the bus.........after I give them huge hugs! ;OP Till then....PEACE!!! ;OP

Monday, September 01, 2008

Trip to No. Va.

Went to No Va. for the weekend....kinda the last hoorah before school starts. Which starts tomorrow!! Woo-Hoo! ;OP The kids had a blast hanging with their cousins and it was nice to see Sarah, Sandy and Pun. We didn't do much but hey...that's how I like it!! Thanks for having us Sarah! ;OP We also got to see Seaver, Amanda and Cy ( Da Millers). It' amazing how time flies!! Seaver was at work and was nice enough to hook the kids up with some fire truck fun. Thanks Seav!! I still want to pinch Cy's Anyways, will post more tomorrow. You know I'm gonna be snappin pics all morning for the 1st day of school!!! Woo-hoo!!! ;OP Till then ...PEACE!!!

Aunt Sarah
Cousins: Jesus and Lucas

Stop...McDonald's time! :OP
Crazy kids everywhere!! ;OP
Aunt Sandy (aka T.T. )

Jesus and Justice


Seaver at work. ;OP


Is that me with Seaver? lol

The Millers....Amanda, Cy , and Seaver