Growing Up Milton

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Almost school time again!!!!

Today we went to the school so Malcolm and Morgan could meet their teachers. They were both excited. Yeah, that's right....they both go to school this year!!!! ;OP School starts in 5 days...woo-hoo!! It's amazing how fast they're growing up. Also Malcolm lost his 1st tooth! We were eating lunch when it happened. Thankfully he didn't swallow it. He's so happy about it. I think it's cause he's waiting for the tooth fairy to bring him money. Then he'll be that much closer to accomplishing his dream of buying his own DS. lol My boy has got a lot of determination....must get that from his mom. ;OP Anyways, will take pics over the next couple of days, to close out summer 08. Will post again soon. Till then PEACE!!! ;oPMalcolm's classroom......teacher Mrs Leonard

Morgan's teacher Mrs Woodson

Malcolm lost his 1st tooth!!!!! ;OP

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weekend in Md w/uncle Mike and uncle Bo

I's been awhile. I'm a slacker. Here's pics from our visit to Baltimore to see uncle Mike and Uncle Bo. Yes, I was there but I was sick and had a lot of work to do.....go figure! lol The kids had a blast and now they want to visit them I guess that's the way it's suppose to So the kids had what I believe was an awesome it's back to school for Malcolm , and Morgan enters the big "k" FREEDOM!!! lol Oh, we took Morgan to the doc for her check up before she can go to school. She impressed the doc with her intelligence artistic ability. Woo-hoo!!! Guess there is a reason for her being crazy!!! lol
Anyways, gotta go. Will try to post pics again soon. Thanks for lookin and till next time....PEACE!!!!