Growing Up Milton

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The 1st day of school for Malcolm!

Today was the day! Malcolm was so nervous. Today was a long day. It is the longest he has been away from home and he did amazingly well. I was worried when I found out he had to ride the bus....I kinda wanted to take him to school myself. :O( He woke up this morning with his own alarm clock. I don't think he has ever smiled so much. He did say the night before he was scared and excited at the same time. I'm so proud of him. For the 1st time in awhile I saw both of my kids get was nice. I guess the time apart helps. :OP Morgan handled it very well but did say a couple of times that she missed Malcolm. I feel so blessed to have such an awesome family.....I got soo lucky! lol The last pic is the only 1 I got of him gettin off the bus. I missed the moment he got off the bus and Morgan hugged him and screamed. I was too busy showing my I.D. to the bus driver so I could take him. I'm glad they do that. I took as many pics as I could....I know I have been slackin lately but there was no way I was letting this day slip thru my hands. He has been talking about goin to school and riding the bus for the past year.....and today he got to do that. It showed thru his grin he had on his face. Well, gotta get goin....tomorrow is another day! I'm gonna miss him so much. Till next post.....PEACE!!!!!