Growing Up Milton

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Halloween 2007 part 2

Man...time flies!! Here's the pics from Halloween. Aunt Sam came with but I think she only did so cause she wanted to trick or treat! lol Gotta say it was much funner than last year. This year we went to Gina's was like a huge party!! It made me want to go trick or At the end of the night we stayed at Gina's house to get in a visit to the God mother. The kids had such a blast! From carving the pumpkin to trick or treatin the kids had nothing but a fabulous time! Oh, I also posted Malcolm's art award. :OP I met with his teacher today and she said a lot of great things about him. I'm so proud to see him growing up and gettin it done! lol Anyways, will try to post more soon. Somewhere in between being busy with school and Till next post....PEACE!!!! :OP

halloween 2007 part 1