Growing Up Milton

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day of bowling.....

Sorry it's been a is getting rough. We took the kids to play putt putt golf last week but I forgot the camera! lol I'm gettin bad at remembering to take pics. The kids had a blast playin putt putt and even more fun bowling. Malcolm has grown so much.....he wanted to bowl with a lot of power and I must say he is very stubborn. He must get that from Cat! lol Wish I could've taken more pics but we were on the unlit side of the alley. Morgan had fun too...she especially loved the food! lol Man....time flies....Malcolm starts school next week. 1 down 1 to go! lol I'm happy but at the same time sad. There goes my time with him. :O( I'm sure he will excel in school, and it's gonna be weird not being there when he does. My boy is growing up. Morgan will still be home with me and I hope she handles not having her brother there during the day well. Guess we'll find out!! lol Anyways, gotta go...till next post....PEACE!!!