Growing Up Milton

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello again!! Some of you have pointed out that we haven't been too active with blogging lately. Miles has been really busy with work and with his quest to find a better animation job. Here are the latest pics, I will have more up soon I hope!

We set up a train for a day in the sitting room, I had no idea they would have so much fun with it!

I know, I know. It is wierd to take pictures at the doctors office but we couldn't resist!!

A visit from Mom-Mom and Aunt Martha and a trip to the Childrens Museum. I wish that more of our pictures had come out!!!

Pictures of the new school haircuts, this time, they couldn't resist!

Cats for the day? Why not !

Oh, and here Malcolm is lucky enough to have lost his two front teeth on the same day! Hopefully the new ones will come in soon.

Morgan is done with training wheels!! She kicked and screamed and cried when we took them off! She said that her bike worked fine with them and had NO intention on trying to ride with out them!! Well, eventually she tried, got the hang of it and now if she could ride in her sleep she would!