Growing Up Milton

Thursday, December 27, 2007

X-mas day part 2

Here's all the pics I have from X-mas. Things got a little hectic so I didn't get many. We did get some video footage which I will post when I figure that There is a video 2 posts down from the kids. Happy holidays everyone! Hope it was a great one!!! Till next post ....PEACE!!!

X-mas day part 1

Happy Holidays!!! :OP

I know......I'm late. Been a hectic X-mas, but thank God for helping us through it thus far. This are starting to look up some. The kids had an awesome time this year....which is good cause we're sooooo broke! lol Anyways, gonna try to get the pics up now....till next post.....PEACE!!! :OP

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Trimmin the tree part 1

Finally got the X-mas tree up. I'm slackin this year. Malcolm and Morgan had a blast putting the ornaments on. Only 1 got Anyways, enjoy the pics and I will try to post again soon. Till then....PEACE!! :OP

Trimmin the tree part 2

Pep Rally

The Weds before Thanksgiving, Malcolm's school had a pep rally where they gave out awards. We recieved a letter 2 days before saying he was getting an award and we should be there. Morgan and I made it up there only to see them forget to give out his award!! ARRGGHH!! He did recieve it later ( which was an oustanding behavior award) but I still wanted to see him get an award in front of everyone. Oh well.