Growing Up Milton

Saturday, January 03, 2009

X-mas part I

I know I'm late, but Happy Holidays to all! All in all it was a pretty good X-mas. Much calmer than usual since most of the family couldn't make it. Cat had to work morning shift until 3:oo pm so on X-mas eve the kids got to open 1 present and on X-mas morning they got to have their stockings. Then they had to wait untill 3:00pmish (when Cat got home) to open all their presents. Good thing the stockings were full!!! lol ;OP Uncle Mike and Bo showed up at about 1:30pm. Sam had to work at 4:00pm, so as soon as Cat got home we opened presents. Anyways, here's all the pics I got. Hopefully will take more soon. Till next post....PEACE!!! ;OP

X-mas part II